Goddess of Love is going retrograde Oct. 5 –Nov. 16 and not out of its shadow period until Dec. 17 this is an amazing opportunity for us all to turn any current pain points into our power!

Goddess Venus represents all things love! Meaning how we love, what we love, and whom we love. This is a wonderful time to reorganize how we understand love in our lives. This is an opportunity for all things love + transformation with Venus going retrograde in the sign of Scorpio this time around! This is an amazing opportunity to reposition ourselves towards whatever feeds the soul in love in a new and more authentic way. Use this time wisely, as Venus will not be retrograde again until 2020, and that will be in air sign of Gemini.


Venus has been in its shadow period since early September, this was the beginning of the energetic shift, what was happening in early September? Whatever that was subtlety pointing to you what this Venus retrograde season is going to be all about. Tomorrow when Venus officially retrograde this is a time to dive deep into what it is that we are being asked to rethink, rework, realign to love in a whole new way!


Venus will be stationing at 10 degrees Scorpio, and will be sitting at this degree for two weeks. This is a pivotal degree to understand as it describes on a deeper more subtle awareness portal what is up for healing in our collective consciousness. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is ‘Safety: A drowning man rescued.”


The Imagery of a rescue of someone near death is a very scorpionic image. This image begs us to have faith, living life is a risk, and nobody gets out alive. The most amazing tool to get us out of fear mode is faith, and yet it is easier said than done. When one feels fear in our society the norm is to let the fear take you over and send you into a fight or flight mode, or depending on how your system is oriented towards trauma, you might even lean towards hysteria when the emotion of fear creeps into your being.


This symbol offers up a solution towards rescuing ourselves from that low vibrational reaction, how can you find deep knowing that there will be brighter days. Getting out into nature is one of the most amazing healing ways to reprogram that fear response, as you are able to realize that you are a piece of this big beautiful puzzle of life. With the trees changing colors here in Colorado, they too are asking us to have faith that they will one day be alive again. This symbol of fall, and the falling away of the leaves may be mimicking in your daily life. What is it that is falling away? Can you have faith that just around the corner of your life there will be new possibilities + beauty abounding.


It takes courage to practice empowerment and faith. It is not something our collective culture encourages at least not in the media, and it is certainly not apart of our public schools curriculum. Venus going retrograde on 10 degrees Scorpio is a beautiful deep dive into muddy waters for empowerment, confidence, and faith.


Venus in Scorpio means upheaval and it can be more painfully oriented, not for the sake of pain, but if there is a part of you that feels it needs to make changes that are going to stir the pot, the time is now to have faith and take initiative, allowing that shift to take place! Venus in Scorpio is asking you to move past the superficial, where have you put time, energy, resources into something that isn’t authentically serving you and those around you. Venus in Scorpio can also point towards how you understand wealth in your life? Do you define wealth by money alone? Maybe your perception of wealth is changing, or maybe you are feeling pulled to shift your understanding of love? Or do you long for wealth in love, place, friendship, or family? What is it that you are not authentically connecting with? Is it someone near you, do you need to reestablish that relationship and reconnect or do you need to choose to change course? Is the goddess of love pointing you towards moving to a new place or speaking your voice in a new way?


If you know what house in your chart the sign Scorpio falls that will point towards the area in your life in which this transit is stirring the pot.


This will be a season that many of us all look back upon as when something big and bold shifted in our lives. Everyone has the power of choice, how will you work with this transit in a way that allows this shift to produce a positive and uplifting outcome?


Warm Regards-

Ash Whyte

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