Reishi—I have a deep love for this botanical remedy. Actually, I truly believe that she is a goddess in mushroom form. If I had to tell someone to introduce just one thing into his or her daily routine in an effort to work towards optimal wellbeing, it would be Reishi.

Reishi’s many powers are still being unveiled. Listed below you will find some of the most impactful reasons I have a ‘love thing’ going for her. Reishi…

  • Regulates + acclimatizes the immune system
  • Is used to combat fatigue, including chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Provides protection against + working through digestive problems, liver disease, skin disorders, autoimmune disorders, as well as diabetes.
  • Is taken to improve sleep disorders + insomnia
  • Is extremely helpful for cancer + reduction of tumor growth
  • Is given to people during chemo-therapy to ease their symptoms + help the body learn to repair itself
  • Is helpful as a holistic remedy for those living with anxiety or depression
  • Is extremely helpful in combating inflammation
  • Is known as an immune modulator + used to restore hormonal balance bringing body to homeostasis

Reishi has been used as a Chinese medicinal mushroom for over 2000 years and was believed to represent a balance of spiritual potency and the essence of immortality. Reishi was revered as an energetic symbol of wellbeing, divine power, and longevity.

Here at Rhizome Apothecary we carry Reishi in two forms, both organic. We carry Sun Potion’s powdered US grown full spectrum blend of purple, white, red, and black reishi mushroom + we carry in extract form sourced from China, from the company Herb Pharm. Both companies believe in high quality products + do their research. Due to the fact that it takes several months to cultivate the Reishi mushroom, and due to it being in such high demand these days it is important to know that there is research being done in order to insure you are obtaining a high quality product.

Energetically, I give Reishi to anyone who could use help with boundaries. I believe that plants are our best advocates when it comes to supporting our subtle bodies. I trust that the goddess Reishi’s power is to encourage those of us who tend to overextend ourselves to create a strong energetic shield. This energetic shield allows us to create a sustainable closed loop versus overextending the body’s enterprises. When we unconsciously pull in other people’s worries while passing on our own, we drain our vitality. Reishi points us in the direction of finding our edge of self-sufficiency, empowering our bodies to create a thriving immune boosting shield. Once we have a shield we are able to sustain and build our eternal vitality that we so often give away without being aware.

Stay tuned for more plant profiles and as always join us in our mission to…

  R E C L A I M . Y O U R . R O O T S            

    // rise up + root down into healing together //

                 – Warmest Regards –



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