Right this minute you are being influenced by the planetary cycles of the natural world. The time of year, weather patterns, and the cosmos are all showing up for you and influencing your life.

Signing up to receive a monthly astrology reading will set you up for empowerment. Knowledge is power + showing up for yourself by gaining insight to what vibrational truths are available for you is choosing to consciously work with the natural world.

Are the planetary energies asking you to step it up in your career, or are they aligning for you to go inward and focusing on self-care? Cultivating this awareness by signing up for monthly readings is step one to living harmoniously with our universe.

If you have the opportunity live within the high vibes aligned to your chart + learn from the challenges, why wouldn’t you? Collaborating with our natural world to gain awareness will allow you to embody radiance, stay woke + shine on!

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