Our body is our temple…. We need a balanced temple or we walk around exposed to the elements, unfulfilled, and ignited with wavering rage and distrust… this is a signal from our body to our conscious mind that our Temple needs a bit more worship. 

   10 Ways to High Vibe our Body Temple

1.  Just breathe…. seriously it really is that simple sometimes. I recommend in your minds eye visually trailing your breathe up the left side of the spine and down the right side eight times, then switch directions. Done! You just loved on your body + cultivated some high vibes, otherwise known as regulating your nervous system!

2.  Spend a morning with someone who makes you feel aligned + centered into the high vibes of yourself! Whether it is sipping on your favorite warm beverage or taking a walk together. The value you receive by allowing some high vibe time with another has been scientifically proven to lift your mood! Want to geek out on this truth a bit more? Check out this mindbodygreen article written by Debbie Hampton owner of the company Best Brain Possible.

3.  Move your body. It doesn’t really matter how you choose to do this. I find some people approach this concept from a harmful perspective vs. worshiping their body temple in an empowering way. Just move it, don’t judge it. As an example, some mornings I feel called to go for a run or a hike alone, and other mornings I feel called to joining in on a group yoga class, most recently I decided to move my body with a friend and found my new favorite temple worshiping workout Fierce45  otherwise known as the most healing + hard 45 minutes I have ever experienced!

5.  Sleep. Having learned through personal experience, this is a big one! I farmed for a long time when I was younger + I would go to bed at midnight, wake up at 4:30am – work a full day and do it all again. After a few years my digestion started freaking out, my skin starting freaking out, and my mood was erratic! I was farming organic food – eating very well, working out for a living, but I wasn’t getting sleep.  I could tell you scientifically why this matters, but you can google that, instead I want to talk about it on a philosophical level, I studied Anthropology in school + I learned that the Australian aborigines do not differentiate sleep from wake… they understand the world as a waking dream time and a sleeping dream time. I have decided to take this theory very seriously, it is respectful to my unconscious mind to allow it to thrive in its sleeping dream time, so that my unconscious will support + nurture me in my waking dream time. So in short, sleep over everything!

6.  Take a short trip. Its all about perspective. Living in Colorado I am able to take a short drive into the foothills and as I start my climb in elevation, I start to visually see how small my city/world can be… literally + figuratively. By allowing myself to take a short trip for a day hike or a longer trip to a hot springs gives me perspective + allows me to reassess everything… from the layout of my tiny home, to the direction of my career, hopes, + dreams. Do yourself a favor and just get outta town, even if just for a couple of hours.

7.  Adornment Darling! I have a mission to never wear anything that doesn’t make me feel free, radical, and like my own version of a rock star! To me this means not participating in fast fashion, it means shopping small business, and wearing things that literally feel yummy!  I do not purchasing clothing due to trend…. I make my decisions based on something far greater and more fulfilling, to feel free + aligned! IF you agree with me on any of the above check out my favorite shop Midnight Rambler Boutique!

8.  Digital Detox. This might be harder than you think… because often we don’t think about how much we use electronics. They have become so ingrained in our daily processes. Our electronics are amazing. Serious I love my google calendar, podcasts + social media outlets- I really do! However, what I don’t love is how they steal my space. What I mean is that instead of having a minute of quite + some space for myself when my husband goes to the bathroom as we are out to dinner, I instinctually check my phone! Eak- you know you have done it! OR after a long beautiful ascent up a mountain side, instead of taking in that view and having an intimate moment of autonomy just for me… I whip out my phone to get a super instagramable post! No! Just No! When Jupiter went into Scorpio this last October I started to notice these little violations of my space + I have decided to stop these little moments from being stollen away…. self-sabotage style. I still take pictures + enjoy my digital devices, yet I have initiated deeper consciousness of which I call it my own version of a digital detox. I am reclaiming small moments  of time + space, and I encourage you to as well.  I am refilling those small moments with just time for me + my own personal autonomy. Many times that means going back to #1 just breathe.

9.   Align with beauty rituals that bring your inner radiance out… when you feel beautiful + choose to show up in the world in a way that allows you to FEEL good you vibrate in a wholesome + embodied way! You are going to have a unique way of doing this and every way is the right way. For me its finding ways to worship my temple so that I can wear as little makeup and fuss as little as possible with my hair. I do this by having a deeply intentional preventative routine to keep my skin + hair healthy in order to have less longterm routine involved. I have some friends who have the exact opposite routines + that is beautiful as long s they feel embodied in their own ritual!

10.  Sign up for an Astrology Reading or Energetic Embodiment session! Haha, ok you might have known that was coming, but seriously talk about aligning to the high vibes of your temple! Signing up for a reading // embodiment session will inspire you to align to how you spiritualize (Neptune) how you self-care (sixth house) why you love what you love (Venus) … and  SO MUCH MORE!

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