What if life was less about finding a purpose and more about self-revelation and love from the innermost majestic spaces of our being? What if the time and attention we give to our external lives is equally as important to the love that we give to ourselves. Can you take these words in? Are you able to drink up the reality of that possibility?

Life can be internally fulfilled, and giving time and attention to you is important. Feel… close your eyes and notice what is going on inside yourself. ::PAUSE:: Does this thought of loving and spending time looking at your internal space bring up feelings of shame, denial, stupidity, and fear… does it feel selfish? How come it is so hard for so many of us to be good to ourselves? How is it that we speak so highly of finding our purpose and become envious of those who “have it all.” It is as if we are looking into a blinding light, as if we are staring into the sun and asking how we can hold it.

I am beginning to understand a very intimate detail to our big ole’ pursuit of happiness and that popular chase for purpose to be our saving grace. I have bumped into a magical understanding and it boils down to a simple metaphor.

But first…

By this time in our evolution I feel comfortable assuming that most of us are familiar with the concept of “light vs. dark,” most of us have seen Star Wars by now, yes? If not DO IT… they just released a new one! I also feel it is safe to assume that most of us understand that we would like to be on the side of light because, WHO doesn’t want to be a Jedi?!

Ok, so the point is that by popular belief our culture has come to understand that to get to the light we need to walk into the light.

Here comes the metaphor….

If one walks into the sun, what happens? Well when you look directly into the sun you become blinded, so walking into it is going to burn you, very badly. I don’t know about you but I do not want to be blinded or burned by the light, I want to BE the light! How would we do this?

Luckily, I have another metaphor! Lets say instead of staring down the sun or running into it, we walk into the darkest of dark spaces within ourselves. What would be your first instinct to do in a dark space? Mine would be to grab a flashlight, light a match, or turn on the light. What if you could walk into that dark space and BE the light, have it emanate from within you so bright that it shines right through?! This is something we have all seen powerful martial artists or those super cool Jedi’s do in the movies. They can defend themselves as well in the darkness and they can in a bright room, they are aware of how to BE their own the light.

I say we start to think differently about our pursuit for an external purpose and happiness that is found by being defined by what we have or what we have done. I believe the pursuit to find the light has blinded a lot of us. It doesn’t feel good to be blinded; it can produce anxiousness and fear. Blinding ourselves actually could be a way to force us into the dark.

Let’s all save ourselves from the pain of being our pain. If we are able to BE our own light eventually we will truly authentically see how beautiful life can be from an equal space of love for our internal light as well as pride in our external affairs. We won’t be able to have light if we don’t honor the dark.

Who is with me? I don’t presume it will be easy. Actually, I think stumbling around in the dark to find our way into being the light is probably going to lead us to a couple of bumps and bruises. I do say that I can’t wait for the day that when I am stuck in a dark room in a dark space and don’t have to seek out any external source of light… I can just beam my own.

Stay tuned for more on this journey through the dark and learning how to BE the light!

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