History of Sweet Grass…

Sweet Grass has also been called holy grass, and has been used by indigenous cultures in North America and Europe for centuries. The grass is dried and braided into a beautiful rope. The grass doesn’t create a flame; instead it smolders and gives off its thick smoke, which I feel is best described as sweet yet deeply grounding.

Traditionally sweet grass has been used for meditation and prayer. This grass was part of the daily lives of many Native Tribes. Used by many of the Plains Tribes in all parts of their daily life. Sweet Grass was considered one of the “four sacred medicines.” The other three “sacred medicines” being Sage, Cedar, and Tobacco.

This grass has many functions besides being used for prayer. Native North American Tribes also used it in their pipe smoking blends, to make baskets, and to make beautiful perfumed necklaces. They would also use the grass for medicinal reasons in teas for coughs, venereal infections, to stop vaginal bleeding or expel afterbirth. European cultures used the plant to add flavor to tobacco, soft drinks, sweets, perfumes, and alcohol.

Sweet Grass in prayer…

Energetically this holy grass helps one ground into the beauty of both a higher essence as well as the core strength of the soul. This sacred herb is best put to use to connect the individual or the group to their spirit guides.

1st Find a sacred place whether it is outside in a field with your community or the corner of your kitchen while your kids play in the other room.

2nd Invite your healing guides to surround you during your day or during your meditation.

3rd Announce to the universe what it is that you are seeking or whom you hope to send your prayer to in that day.

4th using a lighter, candle, or a match allow your sweet grass to burn holding in your minds eye all that you hope to manifest through this prayer or meditation

5th Allow the healing essence of the sweet grass to role over your physical and spiritual body. Welcome in any intuitive messages, and feel into your connection with the higher essence of your being. 

During any healing ritual sweet grass is a soft and sweet companion allowing all involved to hold space in the most sacred way from all angles holding space for heaven, earth, and the souls intention here in the current reality. 

Sweet Grass has been called the sacred hair of Mother Earth, her sweet gentle reminder that love heals all and that we can calmly heal our earth and ourselves is what makes her such a divine addition to anyone’s meditation or prayers.

       Warm Regards-

             Ash E. Koehnke

 Herbalist + Astrologer + Transformational Healer



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