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Using somatic responses we will transform the energy system as well as the body. I will assist you to overcome and prevent emotional barricades. I will facilitate working through this transformation through bodywork, discussion, and movement therapy.

The methodology of Mind, Body, Soul transformation is a direct correlation with the understanding that the mind is an energetic tool that can be used to shift emotions, physical ailments, and the subtle body. In your Mind- Energy- Body session, you will work to activate a shift for your energetic body. In time doing this work will allow you to attain transformation, bringing you into your highest vibrational self, meaning the highest form of consciousness will then emanate through your mind, emotions, and subtle body. This work allows your true self to shine through, rather than the pain and conditioning you have taken on in your lifetime.  

This technique is combined with modern evidence-based brain science, adult attachment work, body-centered trauma work, and advanced mindfulness practice to provide the most transformative experience for the challenges you are currently facing.

We will use Mind-Energy-Body work to help you discover how to feel a painful event or emotion without identifying with it. I will assist you in working to transform any perceived pain into internal wisdom, and with this wisdom we will promote wholeness, perceptual understanding, and positive manifestation.

I have had many years studying multiple modalities of healing that assist the Mind, Body, and Spirit to work cohesive together, and turn from surviving to thriving. I  believe in this work because I have been doing the work myself for many years. I have used the work to become more awakened and aware. Through the work I have been able to uncover sub-conscious mental patterning, working to shift out of her negative beliefs and step more into the highest vibrational frequency available. It is not easy work believing in yourself and finding that you are who or what you have always been looking for.

It  would be an honor to work with you and help you come to the profound understandings that you are who you need. Ash is here to empower you to do your own work + be your own savior.  

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