Please allow me to bring you to one of my favorite worlds. The world of music… a space that grounds me in a mindset of freedom, compassion, and love! Before I write about the meaning I personally find behind creating evolution in balance I’d like to begin by diving into meaning behind song!

Four of my absolute favorite artists of all time pour out light and inspiration in their songs about revolution

Tracy Chapman tells us that we must, “Run, run, run, run, run… cause finally the tables are starting to turn, talking about a revolution!”

Bob Marley and the Wailers sultry song makes your heart sing and sway as he reminds us that, “It takes a revolution to make a solution.”

Diplo feat. Faustix & Imanos and Kai, from my own truth telling and independent generation has laid a down’N’dirty track that actually inspires this woman right here to both change my life and attempt to do some booty twirk’n!  Kai gets real telling us, “Listen up, it’s never too late to change your luck, so don’t let them steal your life, don’t let them break your stride…  it’s a revolution!”

And the all-time legendary song that makes you want dance around your room using an inanimate object as a microphone, a band that takes me back to childhood on a light and breezy weekend afternoon my Pops would blast on his record player, that’s right…

The Beatles rock’n out and bringing us to our happy place while singing, “SAY YA wanna revolution, well ya know, we all want to change the world. You tell me that its evolution, well ya know we all want to change the world!”

Have I lost you to Spotify yet? Are you jamming out to the revolution inspiring artists? If you haven’t yet ventured, I will post links to all these songs at the bottom of the page. I truly do recommend losing yourself in these delightful soul symphonies… after you have read the rest of this blog of course! ☺

What is my point in listing all these revolutionary songs? (Pun intended)

It’s to show that it is a theme in our pop-culture, which is a downright decent reflection of our overall culture! Revolutions spark an inner fire; just listening to a song, writing, creating something inspiring, or having a conversation about revolution, this wonderful concept within a word can’t help but ignite a fire.

You see I truly believe we are meant to constantly surrender ourselves into the space of revolution.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again; the only thing constant is change!

Don’t believe me? Well did you know that in one day, 24 hours, we lose about one million skin cells? [source: Boston Globe]. If our biggest organ (skin) is evolving and at that rate, why wouldn’t our culture, mentality, earth, and everything else be in the same evolving state?

Did you catch that last sentence? Evolving, as in evolution the wonderful hidden word within revolution. To evolve is to change, to be in a transformative state. It is a blessing, and I believe a blessing in which our era is awakening to understand.

We live in a beautiful time of global knowledge, self-discovery, wide-spread information, and an awakening of unity. You see and hear the word consciousness being used more and more each day. I believe we are stepping into both an internal awakening of self and purpose as well as an external awakening of lifestyle and soul family connection.

Yes, I do believe we live in an amazing world. And just as much as harmony shows itself in our world so does turmoil.  This is the space that the revolutions are born, through restlessness, discomfort, and turmoil comes the revelation that a sort of revolution might be necessary.

A world where people are constantly being confronted with turmoil and seeking change in pursuit of tranquility, well that is the pursuit of balance, is it not?

A certain amount of tension is needed for balance to occur. I am by no means a physicist, but I do know that if you are walking on a rope the tension of the rope plays into the ease of finding balance, or that while practicing yoga there is a beautiful tension the body finds to hold itself in a peaceful space while gaining the strengthening benefits of the pose.

Tension is not a universal law, but polarity is, and tension does allow balance to ensue. I guess what I am saying is that tension is the sweet spot. And really, who doesn’t want to find the sweet spot?

I don’t claim to know it all, I only know what it is that I myself holds as true. My intention for this blog space is for those who seek internal change, enlightened energetic connection, positive uplifting relationships, and a life full of light and love to know that they are not alone in their pursuit.

Speaking for us both, but from my own thoughts, we {His & Her} would like to share our pursuits in this life to grow as individuals in our own understandings of life, love, conscious connection, and living in the light. We would also like to live as examples for those of you out there who are seeking out or physically with someone who shares their soul purpose.

It is time we join together to raise each other up. To revel in and share with each other the tranquility we find in this world, as well as share the spaces of tension and turmoil in order to find ways to overcome. Whether we know it or not, we are not all that different, and together we can live bright shining lives pursuing (r) evolution in balance.

Revolution the internal fire that awaits a part of your spirit that knows there is so much light at the end of so many tunnels!

Balance the sweet spot; tension hidden within the changes allow for the evolution!

Tracy Chapman – Talkin’ bout a Revolution

Bob Marley and The Wailers – Revolution

Diplo – Revolution (feat. Faustix & Imanos and Kai) [Official Music Video]

The Beatles – Revolution

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