Angelica, as one may presume from the name is said to be the herb of the angels. It has been claimed to have the ability to enable one to commune with the angelic realm.

Angelica has a number of functions, listed below…

  • regulates poor digestion + helps with heart burn
  • can be used as an antispasmodic for intestinal cramps
  • roots are used for “hot” illness
  • stimulates menstruation + antispasmodic for cramps
  • helpful for regulation of menstrual cycles
  • helpful for overall improvement of blood flow
  • known for healing our -vessels- metaphorically + physically

Understanding the doctrine of signatures helps one to remember what Angelica is good for. The doctrine of signatures is a theory stating that like treats like; the idea being that nature will show us what it is going to help us with just by how the plant visually exists. Angelica has a hollow tubular stalk, symbolizing the opening of tubes in the body (blood vessels, blood stagnation, pores of the skin, fever, detoxification, and the tubes of the intestine). Not all hollow tubular stalks will aid you in this way, yet it is a nice way to remember how angelica is here for our healing. 

Learning about angelica from the view point of esotericism and folk history is how I personally fell in love with this wonderful plant. Angelica can be used to heal the subtle body; herbalist, James Green, talks of it as being used for calling in good fortune and high vibrations into an individual’s life. According to herbalist Mathew Wood, angelica has been used for shamanic journeying. He notes that the tubes of the plant resemble a passage into another world. Angelica has been known for its ability to open up and strengthen boundaries; which shows up in many traditions throughout history. Used as both incense and internal herbal medicine, all parts of the plant have been believed effective against evil spirits. Angelica was held in such a high esteem among Christian traditions that at one point in history it was referred to as ’The Root of the Holy Ghost.’ In North America it was once used by the Iroquois and other tribes as Witchcraft Medicine, an infusion of smashed roots was used as a wash to remove ghosts from the house.

Understanding plants through various lenses is where they truly come alive- they are such teachers and researching their beauty is a humbling and fabulous way to spend an hour. What plant is calling you? How can you dive in deeper to its meaning?

Stay tuned for more plant profiles and as always join us in our mission to…

  R E C L A I M . Y O U R . R O O T S 

          // rise up + root down into healing together //

                 – Warmest Regards –



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