Hello- my name is Ash and I work with the cosmos to help you to follow the energy in times of transition + stagnation. The energy of the Sun + Moon, along with the personal planets + deeper subconscious planets all are influencing our collective consciousness daily. Depending on the time of year + season the astrology of your own chart is always in a constant ebb + flow of the universe and its ever-changing ways. You may have heard about astrology in the main stream, but I am here to unearth the profundity and the depths of the history and current use of this esoteric study to allow you to unlock the keys to living your HIGHEST VIBRATIONAL path in this life!   Online scheduling

Astrology Basics

Astrology is a complex study of human evolution + consciousness.

Astrology evolved alongside astronomy originating far back into the antiquity of Babylon. The Babylonians developed their form of horoscopes around 2,400 years ago! During this time they were using the Sun, Moon, and 5 visible planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Their version of astrology was concerned with large events that mainly concerned the king and his kingdom, such as crops, floods, eclipses, and wars.

Today there are multiple uses for astrology. It has stood the test of time, although not appreciated by the mass of our society. This ancient knowledge is most definitely alive and well within certain cultural pockets + growing in followers every day. Astrology is an expansive tool used to decipher the ebb + flow of the natural world. Astrology can be used to see into our psyche allowing us to gain insight to what challenges we may face at different times within our life. Astrological knowledge can be used as a tool alongside mental heath + wellness goals to encourage one to become their most authentic self. Astrology is helpful in its ability to elude to when one may have children, get married, or start a new career. Studying an individual’s chart can uncover who might be the best match for one romantically or in business partnership.

In our science driven culture astrology isn’t given the stamp of approval. Yet, astrology doesn’t try to fit into current day science’s definition of truth. The fact that our lives on earth are strongly influenced by the Sun and the Moon cannot be disputed. The moon gives life to the tides and the sun nourishes our ecosystem. If we know that our natural world is affected by the solar system; it feels unauthentic to say that we are aside from their influence. As a society we have come unhinged from living within the natural cycles of our mother earth. The natural ebb and flow of life has been tossed by the wayside… in the name of progress we have blown past the knowledge of yesteryear like a steam train on a mission for a distant land.

The steam train has been a brilliant ride. In three generations we went from having huge dial up phones plastered on our walls to pocket sized computers giving real-time video of the person we are holding a conversation with. I personally feel empowered by the modern amenities we have today. Still, I am equally passionate about the technologies we have blown past. The knowledge of our ancestors who lived harmoniously with the seasons also allowed them to tune in and revel in deep internal reflections. Their observations have a place + presence in our world now. Even as we reach such great heights in our technological grasp, as a people I see us yearning for more balance.

Astrology has withstood the test of time because it has held space for philosophical evolution. The study of astrology is the study of our most intimate psyche; it is a space holder for archetypes that will prevail for as long as humanity exists. Astrology gives us a way to reconnect to our internal worlds and rediscover our inner truth. If you are interested in learning more about this tangible way to grasp the subtle spirit or vigor of the archetypal world feel free to reach out, I adore swimming in esoteric realms while walking the earth.

How plants help us embrace the high vibes…

Everything has a Vibration. Plants have evolved with humanity + hold similar high vibes (roses) and low vibes (poison oak). Let's say you are seeking to heal the heart or bring in love. I will call upon the plants that carry a similar frequency to the heart to support you. First I will tune into the high vibe plant that best resonates with the heart’s specific calling, than it is up you to simply allow the plant to encourage alignment with its vibration. What you seek is seeking you.

Plants align with the Planets in a similar way. Finding the parallels between plants + planets is done by looking at your personal embodiment of your astrological chart as well as any current the transits happening in the sky and how they may be affecting you.

Big picture is that it is all about embracing harmonious relationships + learning from discord to truly embrace your very own high vibe brilliance.

We are influenced by the vibrations of both the planets above + the plants below. When we translate your astrology chart we can find which plants can serve you as personal empowerment plants and which plants may be able to assist you with challenging chart aspects.

Want to Go Deeper?

If so, hang with me. I am about to get a bit nerdy.

Plants have evolved with humanity and have been used to help us heal physiological ailments for centuries. Modern phytotherapist’s attempt to explain plants actions in terms of how their chemical constituents react with the normal functions of our body and how those primary and secondary metabolites support homeostasis. As interesting and encouraging as it is that modern science can now explain the details of why plants can help us heal, it doesn’t fully illuminate the whole picture.

Humanity has used plants to heal for as long as we have existed. Archeologists have found medicinal plant remnants along mankind as early as 60,000 years ago. How did these people know that plants were going to heal them? How did they find out which ones? There are plenty of theories. Here is mine, we were deeply in sync with our natural world. We didn’t have computers, televisions, advertisements, and radios. We had our relationship with each other and our surroundings. We woke up with the sun and slept with the moon. Obviously this would lead us to being more aware of the vibrations that surrounded us. I believe we were aligned with the pulsations of our world.

Everything has a vibrational tone. When your body is holding affliction it doesn’t necessarily matter whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. The unease held in the body reveals that it is out of tune, think of a guitar out of tune, you may not be a musician and able to know exactly the note out of tune but you are probably aware that there is discord. High vibes feel harmonious with life and low vibes leave us in discord. Since everything holds a vibration and aligning with Law one in Alchemy that all is one, it is therefore conceivable that plants hold similar vibrations to humans. A plant with an ability to heal the heart will carry a similar energetic tone.


My business partner and I came in for a reading from Ash in November. We both came in with an open mind and Ash blew us away! She was professional but had the insight we needed to hear. She gave both of us a reading and incorporated it into our daily lives in the company. We couldn't be happier with the outcome!

Life comes with its inevitable bittersweet symphonies and sometimes we just get lost in the dark .  Ash has a gift in which she can help navigate through the shadows to display the light of your stars.  This is such an invaluable tool to help heal the pain we face as humanity and as individuals.  I've had many readings but found her to be non-biased and compassionate in all ways.  You can trust Ash, as she is a grounded, soulful, & rock st...

"My reading with Ashley was intimate and profound. She recognized the things that I couldn't necessarily see in my chart, even though I have been studying astrology for about 6 years. I learned so much about the refined details I wasn't aware of, my innate subconscious tendencies I needed to be mindful of as well as my hidden gifts laying dormant."

I have sought astrological council from Ash for the last several years. Over that time I have reaped the benefits of broadening cosmic knowledge. Ash is able to concisely and precisely explain cosmic activity and how it plays uniquely into my life. I frequently get readings and Ash is by far provides the most detailed and personalized service. I am so thankful for her expertise!

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