1. Allow the Universe to move you forward…


The choice is yours be dragged or surrender to the flow and ALLOW the shifts that believe or not are gifts to occur. Aquarius South Node has been force-feeding us REALITY in both our Collective Consciousness + our very own connection to our communities since last May…. The true state of the country, beliefs, laws, and on a more personal level how you show up in your community… or not. Meanwhile, Leo North Node is no longer allowing us to turn a blind eye to what is really in the depths of our Heart + Soul… illuminating what areas of our lives we have been “starving” and what areas of our life we cannot help but thrive. This lunar eclipse in particular is beckoning for us to REALLY LISTEN for the emotional well-being of our SOUL… not our bank account, partners, or careers soul… I am talking DEEP REAL ME/MY/I SOUL. If emotions are running high, lean into them. Allow them to teach you something? What are they showing up for? How can you take them as a teacher + not judge them, ignore them, push them down.



  1. Emotions run HIGH with Lunar eclipses – lean into loving-kindness.


To pick up where #1 left off– in astrology anything Lunar related symbolically represents the feminine receptive archetypes. This Eclipse asks us ALL to fall into less DOING, and allow more BEING. No one person can change the entire collective consciousness, it takes us all to lean into love + showing up for ourselves first and foremost. You might be thinking, that feels selfish, well it isn’t. When taking a trip on an airplane they say to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. I believe that the collective message of this Leo/Aquarius eclipse season is akin to such a message, if you want to change the collective (Aquarius) you must first be aligned to your own highest + best good (Leo) … that means going deep into the good, bad, and ugly. So that on the other side you can fully embrace the whole of you + your truth, so that you have the energy, capacity, and banned width to TRULY make waves and hold space for deep love of others. SO IF your emotions are running high – take it as a beautiful sign from the universe that you could be there for yourself more, love yourself harder, and have even more respect for how much your soul wants you to align to self. It is especially important to pay attention to your dreams, intuition, and what memories may be popping up in the next 10 days or so, ask yourself what symbolism is working its way out of your subconscious + be kind with yourself as you allow it to become part of your consciousness. Let me know if you need help with the interpretation, I have many years practice leaning into these intuitive pennies from heaven.


  1. Take time to reflect this eclipse is a closing of an EVOLUTION that was born last May.


Whether or not you are a journal person this is an especially important time to take some notes about your evolution in the last year and six months. Take a moment to take a few notes in a notebook or on your phone… go back into your calendar, facebook, instagram and look up the following dates…. what was happening for you + around you in the following times, as this is when the Aquarius/Leo Eclipses were up and giving birth to the messages + making significant waves in your life + those around you.

May     9         2017

August 7        2017

August 21      2017

January 31    2018

February 15  2018

July 12           2018

July 27           2018

August 11     2018


  1. Expect the Unexpected


This is a Lunar eclipse… a beautiful way of saying a FULL MOON SUPER DUPER AMPED UP! As you may know Full Moons come around once a month-ish and it is always a time when the crazy, the unexpected, + emotions are running high. With a Lunar Eclipse it is a Full Moon in a FULL THROTTLE experience. ALSO – this is a special eclipse as the moon is conjunct (hanging out with) retrograde Mars who is currently testing us all in the department of desire, asking us if we really want what we thought we really wanted. Potency people. POTENCY! Over the coming week it would be the most amazing exercise to practice full on living in the moment + allowing your outlook on life to fall into the category of excitement, meanwhile work on eliminating expectations. If you find yourself disappointed, shocked, or bummed just remind yourself that expectations are not the best approach during eclipse season. And yet, honestly I would say expectations are not ever really the most helpful kind of hopes to have… but especially not now! Maybe keep a reminder in your phone to let go of expectations or write it on your hand, when we are able to tap into excitement and be open to the adventure that is life… we can fall into all the YAY of life while expecting the unexpected!


  1. Accept that this is a time of illuminating TRUTH’s, Listen to the cosmic signs + seriously, let go of the idea of you being “in control.”


It feels safe for us to believe we are in control, yet this wonderful eclipse season is upon us to remind us that we are not in fact in control, and why would we want to be TOTALLY in control?! That would be so much responsibility! We are driving the sleigh yes, but we are not in control of the gravity holding it down to the earth or the trusted horses trained to pull it…. so let go a little! And yes, you might not love ALL of what is being illuminated. However, it is possible that you are being lit up in a MAGNIFICENT way from these eclipses, and if that feels true for you then my question for you would be… how good can you stand it? My suggestion would be to really work on being in that Lunar Receiving mode, more gratitude, more trust, more depth of connecting to the hear, if this eclipse season is really working for you it is time to turn it up and really let it in! However, the TRUTH that you are seeing might be upsetting, and honestly, that can be equally as MAGNIFICENT! As being upset or having incongruence in life is a way of the universe telling you to go a different way, try a new tactic, RESPECT yourself more! Acceptance is the first step, from there you have a wide variety of ways to shift the energy, cause it is ALL just energy, find your rhythm with the beautiful divine cosmic alchemy that is your life!


As always to gain DEPTH as to how this eclipse season has been directly co-creating with your life + to learn about what areas of life this is most intimately affecting you, sign up for a full on astrology reading. As I truly believe the vibrational key we are here to unlock in the cosmos is to ALIGN + THRIVE – no scare tactics, no running afraid of big shifts happening, or buying into the doom + gloom retrograde nonsense. Allow yourself to dive into your cosmic awareness as a way to stand up tall and say THE UNIVERSE HAS MY BACK + I choose to ALIGN! During your reading we will dive into the cosmic changes swirling around you constantly and I will teach you real TOOLS that can help set you up for true emotional, energetic, and cognitive freedom. Join the High Vibe Tribe and ENJOY all the lessons being gifted into your life by this EPIC Lunar Eclipse <3



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